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Are you ready to take your next step at Citizens Church? Here is everything we have going on to make this simple, easy, and worth-while for you and your family!

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We are called by the Bible to be in unity within ourselves, in unity with all followers of Jesus, and maintain the unity of the Spirit. By partnering with the local church we are expressing this commitment to one another as we love, serve, & grow.


When we are baptized, we are following in the footsteps of our Lord, Jesus. For us, baptism symbolizes the spiritual washing that only the Spirit can produce. It is a public proclamation that through the gospel the old has past and the new has come!


“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Specifically, financial giving reveals where our heart is. As followers of Jesus we are free of the tyranny of money and possessions as God has graciously given us all things to steward well. Giving is one of the best ways to grow in our faith as we continue to ensure our heart to the true treasure.



As we each serve our local church & community, we are illustrating the gifts that God has granted each of us. Whether big or small, seen or unseen, serving shows others the heart of God. One of the best ways to grow in your faith is to experience service towards others.

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